People: You Need Them & They Need You

People: You Need Them & They Need You

The universe, the world and society have purpose larger than the one you’ve realized or almost realized yours is.  Sad right?  Ok…. Maybe I’m doing to much too early but it’s the truth.  Your ‘purpose’ or ‘calling’ is fulfilled when your individual actions are exemplified in a specific arena.  Let me break it to you this way.  In the grand scheme of things you, ME, WE – as people are minute.  In a society such as ours, one person’s purpose must aid another in fulfilling their purpose.  Nothing therefore exists for itself alone.  Every person in society exists for each other. An isolationist or loner cannot fulfill their calling without the works of others. All life forms survive and live for each other.  How many ways have I said that?  Has it begun to sink in yet?  These are truths. Test them. The greatest travesty in life is failing to follow your ‘calling’ or ‘purpose.’ Usually, people that continue to live forever without finding this – calling – or purpose, continue to live without ever understanding the reason for their existence.  This is pretty dangerous.  It’s dangerous because these people live lives that full of frustrations and regrets.

Dr. Mike Roberts, a well known, Entrepreneur says it like this: “Until you understand yourself and create a positive picture of yourself, you are not truly in control of yourself.”

When you know yourself you will finally recognize how you affect others.  Your personality, mannerisms and wisdom (or lack-there-of) typically provide a platform for you to see how you’re influencing others OR how they may be influencing you.  To grow in purpose usually means that you have to make the decision to start or stop doing something.  Maybe it’s setting goals.  Maybe it’s deciding to actually get up early and meditate, study or pray.  Maybe it’s getting to work on time.  Discovering your purpose is vital.  People go through life…miserable because they never spend time figuring out what it is that they’re to do on this planet.  You figuring out WHY YOU’RE here, will inevitably help someone else figure out why they’re here.  Many times it’s hand and hand….and hand and hand… and we don’t even realize it.


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