Interesting LinkedIn Stats!

As of September LinkedIn has reached 238 million users, covering over 200 countries!

The  10 years old LinkedIn, is no longer a choice for most of the job seekers out there, if you want a job you better be sure you have a LinkedIn profile, it’s pretty much the first thing most of the interviewers are asking for over the first phone call.


Now whether you are a job seeker or not, LinkedIn has positioned itself as a well filtered source of newstailored to your information, interest and career. 40 percent of the users check LinkedIn daily, primarily to follow up on any notification and messages, and secondly to get updated with the right info!
The more involved you are in the industry the more tailored news you are going to have.


With 3 million LinkedIn Business pages, and 1.2 products showcased, companies are not only reaching out for prospective employees, but they are also creating communities for their employees, and are showcasing their employee activities to the public. Not to mention LinkedIn company pages are becoming sources of information about companies, with greater goals, and environmental initiatives.
As the core of LinkedIn experience, there have been more than 2 million groups created, LinkedIn invites all the users to go into discussions, and that will in turn affect the number of views that your profile will have.


More stats :

There are more than 200 conversations happening per minute on LinkedIn groups
On average members join 7 groups on LinkedIn
How is time Divided on LinkedIn




Well if you are good, now you can show it! And if other people think you are good, then they can mention it on LinkedIn.
Averaging over 5 endorsement per user, and 1 billion in total, endorsement have became really popular in the last 2 years.
Before endorsement recommendations where more popular, but there was never this huge amount of recommendation exchange across users!

Slides and Projects

As a way of better showcasing members work, LinkedIn wanted to get them to share their work, and what better way to do so than using PDFs and Slides! So in mid 2012, LinkedIn purchased Slideshare. A couple of month after, we started to see option to upload presentations and professional work to account.
What to keep in mind:
Updated profiles and full profiles get more views, and in turn more jobs! Make sure yours is in top shape!
Follow the right companies, groups and add people that you want to work with, and make a mark, but don’t be creepy.