If you haven’t seen it yet, then you need to check out this article AND video where a Google employee (now ex-employee), explains why he quit working for a company where millions of people dream to have a job.

Quitting: He Did It His Way!

Last Friday, Michael Peggs did something most people would call crazy: he voluntarily left the most perk-packed job on the planet to toil and struggle as an entrepreneur. As you’ll see, he’s truly grateful for his time at Google, but for all the right reasons (IMHO), he is leaving because he knows he needs to. In fact, while I’m a huge fan of Google and think it’s a great place to work for a lot of people, I too have written why it’s not right for everyone. [See my article on the 5 reasons why you may not want to work for them here.] Then, watch Michael’s amazing, “I quit” video below:

October Is Professional Independence Month!

Michael Peggs is just one of 60 inspirational professionals sharing their insights on how to break free of ‘golden handcuffs’ as part of the Professional Independence Project over at CAREEREALISM. We’ve pulled together extensive tools and resources (and they’re all FREE), to help professionals (like you!) take control of their careers and pursue career success and satisfaction on their own terms.

By 2020, You Could Be A Business-of-One (Whether You Want To Or Not!)

A recent study shows that as early as 2020, one out of two American workers could end up Independent Contractors [see study data here]. This means we need to learn how to up-skill and prepare ourselves to work with companies as businesses-of-one. The good news is, Independent Contractors who learn to master key skills for success not only earn more money, but they have higher rates of career satisfaction too! To learn more, read here >>

Ready To Become Professionally Independent?

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It’s time to break free of the ‘golden handcuffs’ and take control of your career for good!


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